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Maggie Q behind the scenes of ‘Stalker’

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'Stalker' 1x01 Pilot - Press Release

LAPD’s Threat Assessment Unit’s Lt. Beth Davis and Det. Jack Larsen search for a stalker with an affinity for fire. Also, Beth meets with an exasperated college student who claims his former roommate is aggressively harassing him, on the series premiere of STALKER Wednesday, Oct. 1 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

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Shout out 👊 to #MJQ dancin with my #MAGGIEQ #LETSDANCE ##ATL (x)

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Maggie, do we get to see you at Comic Con this year?

'Stalker's Maggie Q and Dylan McDermott at the carpet of CBS The CW Showtime TCA Party

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"Kevin Williamson has created one of the s t r o n g e s t new female characters for Maggie Q in Stalker."

Maggie Q & Dylan McDermott | Stalker Press Tour July 2014


Site Update: HQ Untagged Shoot Photos Of Maggie Q x30

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Maggie Q | Stalker Press Tour July 2014

Maggie Q at the Stalker CBS Panel TCA ‘14

Maggie Q at the CBS TCA 2014