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I don’t call myself independent, but people call me that. Being a woman, being able to take care of yourself, think for yourself, make your own decisions and be the master of your destiny feels very natural to me. I guess that’s what independence is, but for me it just feels like second nature.

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On January 27th we will say goodbye to Team Bartowski.

So what can be better than trending it?

7pm Eastern Time, 4pm Western Time and 12am UK time, we will be trending “Goodbye Team Bartowski.”

Chuck has failed to trend many times due to lack of organization and backing. An organized trend will succeed.

Let’s let Chuck go out with a BANG!

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Anonymous yelled:
really? Because i asked Shaggie forever and she sed Nikita is the strongest fighter and that I'll see in episode 9 that she is also the strongest shooter and she broke Michael’s record.. I guess I'll see in episode 9 :)

Aha. I see that she is working from eps. I’m working off of my mind. But yes, in ep 9 it is mentioned that Nikita broke Michael’s record.

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Anonymous yelled:
hey :) i just started to watch Nikita and i wanted to ask you.. Who is the most stronger person on the show (in fights) nikita michael or alex ? and who is the best shooter?

This is a question for the brain. Now I’m not being biased. But Maggie (Nikita) is deffo the strongest fighter, it’s her bread and butter. The fight scenes are so believable with Maggie at the wheel. I am not saying Lyndsy or Shane can’t fight because they are equally amazing at fighting but this is Maggie’s strong point. best shooter? I’m inclined to say Michael?!

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An article that will literally make you fall more in love with Maggie than you already are.

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Sorry bout that. I’ll fix it later. Well all I can say to you is keep trying. It took ages for me to figure PS or whatever you may use out. YT tutorials are very good at showing basics. And if course, i’ll have a look soon. But tbh, my edits are not that good x

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i know your edits are proo but anytips or advice for me? i made a couple of maggie q edits on my tumblr recently. it would be so cool if you could let me know what you think(: thanks~!
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What is there not to love about Maggie Q?

-The purest and warmest soul out there.-

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