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Maggie’s new show STALKER got officially picked up by CBS! Congrats!

Maggie Q at the MET Gala 2014 in NYC

Maggie Q attending the React To Film Awards in NYC. May 1st, 2014.


Maggie Q, ambassador for Moon Bear in Vietnam, May 2009

"Yeah, she’s gorgeous… yeah I had a major crush on her before Nikita started. She was in Balls of Fury… mmh very good title!"

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Maggie Q at the Divergent World Premiere

Flawless Maggie Q » » Nikita Movie Project: How to Start

Hi everyone, I’m the new admin :)
Just wanted to start by posting a link about this new amazing campaign we put together for a NIKITA MOVIE.

Please read and reblog/spread the link as far as you can ;)
We can and we will make this happen


right well that’s it guys! 

please say hi to eli (eliduki) who is the new admin and who is i’m sure going to treat fuckyeahmaggieq very well.

it’s been great working on fymq for the past three years. you’ve all been so so so nice to me <3

bye guys, hannah



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hi guys. i’ve just placed fuckyeahmaggieq under hiatus until i can find a new admin.

please message either my personal blog or fuckyeahmaggieq if you are interested in taking over :)

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hi guys!

while i still admire maggie q, i do not have the time to maintain fuckyeahmaggieq anymore and am now asking for someone to take over. i don’t want to delete the blog as it wasn’t mine to begin with and i do think that someone else can keep it going and treat it well.

if you are interested then please send me a message <3

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