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Maggie Q at the Stalker CBS Panel TCA ‘14

Maggie Q at the CBS TCA 2014 

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I like to be challenged. I like people who do not believe in me. The more people doubt you, the bigger the surprise is going to be when they are proven wrong in the long run. I respond very well to such pressure.

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The most appealing quality any person can possess is confidence. There is just something really attractive about someone who is comfortable in their own skin.

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Maggie Q at ‘New York, I Love You’ New York Premiere on October 14, 2009.

Maggie Q & Aaron Stanford at San Diego Comic Con 2012.

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Allow me to tell you some things about this show, "Nikita"-- and why you should definitely be binge-watching the whole thing all summer.


Seriously, you guys. This show. Now that we’re all finished wiping the drool from our chins after that mind-bogglingly amazing season of OITNB, let’s give “Nikita” some of the love it never got when it was on the air and bask in its awesomeness this summer.

For realsies— I…

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I’m just totally into being strong. There’s something about wanting to get a jar or whatever out of a high cupboard, or moving a sofa over because my dog’s bone rolled under it, and not having to call anyone for help. There’s comfort in that.

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